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2.0 Movie Reviews: Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 first half Confusing



2.0 Movie Reviews: Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's 2.0 first half Confusing

Shankar’s 2.0 film has been released in about 10,000 screens across the world, a record number for Tamil Film. Rajinikanth’s 2.0 has finally hit silver screens, This is one film fans have been waiting for with bated breath.

2.0 movie starring Rajinikanth and Aksahy Kumar has released today at the box office and the first review are out.

Though 2.0 evoked great expectations among fans, It also created a certain degree of skepticism. However, Shankar seems to have proven the skeptics wrong with the Sci-Fi venture.

Critic’s Review 2.0 Film:

Critics have already started sharing their reviews on social media. A popular Entertainment Journalist , he is saying about the film. He gives 4 star to the film, he stated that the movie is Rajinikanth show from start to end.

He praised , Amy Jackson looked stunning. Menacing, ferocious and nails his part with precision. He said that Akshay Kumar’s performance in the film and his unshakable and powerful performance steals the show.

He said about the director, Applauding for Shankar’s direction, he stated that his vision and execution deserves the highest praise.

Not only he dreams big, but the outcome is incredible too. Umar claiming that, 2.0 is the best Sci-Fi film ever made in history of Indian Cinema. Thrilling plotline, rich and creative screenplay, astounding effects make the film a technical treat.

Akshaya Nath says, 2.0 captures hearts of fans, massive opening with the film doing justice to the delay. Fans started assembling from the wee hours of 29th morning with music dance and crackers stealing the dhow before the start of the film.

Girish Johar said, 2.0 is highly anticipated release of the year which is one of the most expensive films to the budget of Rs 600 crores. Expectations are humongous and it is going to be the widest release ever globally.

Down South, 2.0 film is going to be huge in terms of Box Office numbers. . Advance booking is tremendous and Hindi language it is quite average at the moment but we all know it it Rajinikanth film with Akshay Kumar.

Story 2.0 Movie:

2.0 film start with an old man committing suicide from atop of mobile phone lower. we are then introduced to scientist, Dr. Vasigaran (Rajinikanth) and his now assistant Bila (Amy Jackson), a humanoid robot.

Soon, Mobile phones start flying off the shelves and out of the everyone’s hand, and Vasigaran is called in to investigate this mysterious occurance. and When a giant bird, made up of mobile phones starts attacking the city, the scientist is forced to bring back Chitti, ,the now dismantled robot.

There is not mystery in the supernatural occurrences that we see on screen, and for the entire first half, we are forced to waut for the mandatory flashback involving Paskhirajan (Akshay Kumar).

2.0 Movie Reviews:

The film seems to be missing a je ne sais quoi. we get an extravagant clash between Chitti and the giant bird, but that’s all.

The film does not find a way to inject humour and inventiveness into the proceedings.

The first half of 2.0 movie so fast but be prepared t get super confused. There are scenes where the phones force a man to swallow them and then burst inside his body. That is murder number 1! Sorry for the spoilers (NOT).

Chitti’s entry is not as dramatic and Massy as I had hoped. the first half is very disappointing and confusing first half is the bit before the interval.

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