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Ardab Mutiyaran Full Movie Leaked Online by TamilRockers



Ardab Mutiyaran Full Movie Leaked Online by TamilRockers

Sonam Bajwa, Ninja, Sudesh Lehri, Rajeev Mehra starrer Ardab Mutiyaran is the latest victim of piracy website TamilRockers. Sonam Bajwa’s Punjabi film Ardab Mutiyaran has won the hearts of the audience as soon as she arrives. The most anticipated Punjabi movie is released in cinemas on 17th October 2019.

In the name of watching Free’s movie, people get rash and fall into the piracy site. Even before this, TamilRockers have ruined many films. Earlier, Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff‘s film also suffered at the box office.

Sonam Bajwa plays Babbu Bains in the movie which she is a finance recovery agent, She doesn’t anyone and so what she wants to do, she is an independent girl which represents cutler of Punjab This is an awesome movie and we are pretty sure that you all are going to love it.

Sonam is playing quite a different role. Sonam’s character in this film is that of a finance recovery agent. A lot of hard work is put into making films, but piracy sites en up playing with movies in this way and spoil the box office earnings.

The movie is already in limelight due to controversy of the movie title song Ardab Mutiyaran which is sung and written By Sidhu Moosawala.

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Sonam Bajwa has made a splash on social media these days. The reason for this is his upcoming film Ardab Mutiyaran. She is seen in a very powerful role in the film Ardab Mutiyaran, and the film is based on the theme of Woman Centric.

The government also took several steps to ban piracy sites. However, none of the TamilRockers’ piracy sites were uprooted. This is a huge gang that leaks fresh new movies every week. Several people were also arrested in the piracy case but the main culprit has not been reached yet.

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