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Badshah’s Genda Phool Raw: No money to drag anyone to court, says Boroloker Bitilo singer Ratan Kahar



Badshah's Genda Phool Raw: No money to drag anyone to court, says Boroloker Bitilo singer Ratan Kahar

Singer and rapper Badshah is being slammed for stealing lyrics from a Bengali folk song for his latest song Genda Phool. Genda Phool was launched final week and options Jacqueline Fernandez within the video.

The refrain of the tune is in Bengali, which matches, “Boroloker bitilo, lomba lomba chul, Emon mathay bnedhe debo lal genda phool (The wealthy man’s daughter has lengthy hair, I wish to tie a marigold on it).”

This line is from the Bengali tune Borloker Bitilo, which was written by Ratan Kahar in 1970s. However Badshah didn’t give any credit score to the unique creator of the tune.

Ratan Kahar, who lives in grim poverty, spoke to a Bengali website and said that he does not even have money to drag the matter to court.

India Today reported, “I wrote the song Boroloker Bitilo. The music, the words, everything is mine. Now, if people are dishonest, what can I do? I am extremely poor. Many people have taken my songs, but have not given me credit. They can’t write their own songs. They used my songs as their own. I live in a hut. I write songs of the soil. I don’t have the financial strength to drag them to court,”

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Kahar also revealed that his song (Boroloker Bitilo) was adapted by Swapna Chakraborty in 1976. But he was not given any credit back then either.

Meanwhile, the internet has a lot to say on the matter. Several users have slammed Badshah for stealing the lyrics and many others have come out in full support of Ratan Kahar.

Source: India Today

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