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Bigg Boss 12 evicted: Jasleen Matharu reveals why she faked relationship with Anup Jalota



Bigg Boss 12 evicted: Jasleen Matharu reveals why she faked relationship with Anup Jalota

Bigg Boss 12 Evicted: Jasleen Matharu has denied being in a relationship with the Bhajan singer terming it all a prank. She entered the reality show with bhajan maestro Anup Jalota, giving everyone the impression that they were a couple.

But she has denied all and reveals in an interview with BT, She faked a relationship with Anup in the house.

telephonic conversation with India Today, Jasleen has admitted to faking relationship with Bhajan samrat Annup Jalota. She said that she meant to play a prank with Salman, but did not get chance to clarify and her Joke backfired.

How was your Experince in the Bigg Boss house?

It was great journey, but it was not easy being in the house. Some of the inmates were aggressive and so , there were many tough situations to handle.

Are you in a relationship with Anup Jalota??

I will tell you what actually happened. My father has known Anupji even before I was born. I started learning music from him as a child and we share a beautiful guru-shishya relationship.

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When the Bigg Boss had offered me to come, I convinced him to for the show together as a guru-shishya jodi. Just before entering the house, when Ii was on stage, I thought of playing a prank and announced that we were in a relationship. He did not react to it. I thought he would react, but since he did not, we entered the house as a couple and played along.

You thought of playing a prank on national TV before taking him into confidence??

Yes, I never thought it would become so serious and people would react in such a manner. I did not bother to clarify because after we entered the house, We needed to discuss many things. But nothing was pre-planned, Even the channel did not know that I had planned to play such a prank on Anupji. But woh Prank mujhe bhari pad gya.

So all those romantics moments in the house were not real?

we were just playing along.

In the house, It was also mentioned that you were in a relationship with playback singer Sukhwinder Singh. Is this true?

Sukhwinder is a family friend and Anupji has misunderstood our equation if he said that we were in a relationship then or now. Sukhwinder has been a friend for the last six years and we will continue to be friends. these are all baseless rumor. In fact, the other day I heard that Honey Singh and I were having an affair, which is again totally false.

Rohit Suchanti and you had issue in the house?

God bless Rohit and even Deepak. They were extremely rude and crossed their limits when they spoke to me. I feel Sreesanth is a good player and he should win the show.

Did you know that your father was upset all that was happening inside the house?

Obviously, he would be. He was not aware that Anupji and I would be entering the house like a couple. I am really scare of his reaction now that I am out of the house.

Are planning to get married anytime soon?
I don’t want to get married now

Would you marry a man twice your age?
I will never marry a man twice my age, he has to be a few years older than me

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