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Bigg Boss 12 winner: Dipika Kakar wins the Show



Bigg Boss 12 winner: Dipika Kakar wins the Show

Dipika Kakar has won the 12th season of Bigg Boss 12, The final battle for the winners title was between Dipika and her bhai Sreesanth.

Sasural Simar ka actress won Bigg Boss 12 trophy along with the prize money of Rs 30 lakh. Sreesanth was declared as the first runner up while Deepak Thakur chose to leave the show after taking the money bag of Rs 20 lakh. Romi Choudhary and Karanvir Bohra got evicted earlier in the Grand Finale.

Earlier in the show, Dipika a close bond with former cricketer Sreesanth. She called him her brother and stood by him in thick and thin. Her relationship with Sreesanth was often questioned as many though it was her strategy to stay strong in the show. but Dipika did not let anyone comments affect her relationship with him.

Before announced of Winner, Dipika nd Steesanth entertained with their amazing performance that showed us and downs in their relationship inside the house. They started off with Yeh Ladka Deewana from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and end with Tu jo Mila from Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Deepak Thakur, who had the least votes among the top three finalists hit the buzzer to claim Rs 20 lakh from the prize money. Which is the biggest exit money across all seasons of Bigg Boss.

Dipika showed her strategy in the show. I am going to completely be myself and react to things as I would in real life. If I get upset or angry, I would be not hold myself back. There will not be any character portrayal but only the real Dipika. I think there is responsibility that I have towards my fans. They would not like me to wear a mask on the show.

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