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Bigg Boss 13 in trouble as BJP MLA seeks a ban



Bigg Boss 13 in trouble as BJP MLA seeks a ban

Salman Khan’s reality shows Bigg Boss 13 seems to be in big trouble. BJP MLA from Gaziabad, Nand Kishore Gujjar has written a letter to the information. And Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javdekar demanding that the show be taken off the air.

In his letter, the BJP legislator has alleged that the show was promoting obscenity and vulgarity and was unfit for family viewing. The show is against the cultural ethos of the country and highly objectionable intimate scenes were a part of it. Couples of different communities were being made to become bed which was unacceptable.

He wrote, PM Narendra Modi, on one hand, is trying to make India regain its lost glory. On the other, such shows were demanding the country’s culture.

The BJP Lawmaker also demanded a censor mechanism for content being aired on television in order to prevent such incidents in the future. He said that children and minors are watching television and have fair access to such shows which have adult content. Moreover, the shoes are available on the internet too.

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The Brahmin Mahasabha has also sought a ban on the reality show with immediate effect. The Brahmin Mahasabha has submitted a memorandum in this regard to the Ghaziabad district magistrate.

Amit Jani, president of the UP Nav Nirman Sena, meanwhile, has announced that he would not eat any food grain until the Bigg Boss show was stopped.

I will survive on fruits and vegetables until the government takes steps to ban the show which is promoting vulgarity and misleading the youth. Showing young couples sharing a bed on national television is not acceptable. And I am shocked that the RSS claims to be out moral police, has not even taken note of this.

This is the 13th season of the reality show which is hugely popular and has made celebrities of commoners as well.

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