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Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar November 17, 2019 Written Episode Update



Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar November 17, 2019 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar November 17: Bollywood star Salman Khan opened the Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Saturday with a slight dose of politics- hinting at the political developments in Maharashtra, he said Bigg Boss 13 house witnessed exactly that which Indiansaw outside the house- changing the friendship, new equations and the like. Here are the top highlights from tonight’s episode.

Salman enters Bigg Boss stage with mini Chulbul Pandey’s on the song Hud Hud Dabangg new version. He wishes them Happy Children’s day and bids them goodbye personally.

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He even winks to a kid by the end of the performance. He introduces Janta Ki Awaaj and introduces the task, announced by Paras. The housemates will get a tag.

Housemates call HImanshi is invisible in the house and title her Gayab. Devoleena bagged the Entertainer of the house title. Devoleena and Mahira locked horns with Shefali while labelling her as Dishaheen aka directionless.

Bhojpuri sensation Khesari Lal Yadav was given the name for work in progress and Rashami Desai was title the Slow Motion and had to wax the giant Aditya Singh. While Vishal Aditya Singh was ain a lot of pain this task, Siddharth Shukla was enjoying it.

To further upset Vishal, Siddhart Shukla told Salman Khan that, she asks Rashmi Desai if she is love with Siddharth Shukla. Rashmi didn’t reply to this. after which once again Vishal Aditya Singh had to face the wax.

By the way, this new form of Siddharth Shukla is feeling very strange to the people, only then he is constantly giving his comments on social media. .People are saying that Siddharth Shukla has been done, which he is doing very well for Rashmi.

Due to the changing behaviour of Siddharth Shukla from moment to moment, now his mind has started to itch. Vishal and Bhau have a showdown once again when Vishsal thought that Bhau was getting aggressive and targeting him.

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Other housemates intervened and try to resolve the fight. Salman asked Devoleena to take work in progress, leaving her entertainer tag to Bhau Vishal was also slammed for appeasing everyone and tagged him as a coward.

Salman also appreciated Asim, for playing well in the game and for being very honest to himself. On the other hand, he expressed his disappoint towards Desai for not beleiving in himself. Later Salman plays thapped ki Khurshi with the constants where Shefali, Paras and Bhau wre targeted.

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