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Kangana Ranaut Calls Rihanna a Po*n Singer Yet Again



Kangana Ranaut Calls Rihanna a Po*n Singer Yet Again

After the farmer’s protest reached the global, Many international celebs have involved themselves and spoken against the Indian government.

Kangana Ranaut has been attacking Rihanna and hit below the belt when she termed Rihanna as a po*n singer. The actress also alleged that the Umbrella singer has done it all for money.

She also shared revealing pictures and called the Fenty Beauty owner an adult star.

The actress doesn’t seem to stop. In an interview with Republic TV, Kangana has again attacked Rihanna but this time along with the Americans.

She began, “Rihanna, a p*rn singer, she is no Mozart and has no classical knowledge.

If 10 reputed classical singers will sit together, they will say that she doesn’t even know how to sing. In American culture, people like Kim Kardashian, who have unidentified careers, are their icons.”

Kangana Ranaut continued, “No one knows what they do. This is a racket of capitalism which is confusing the youth. Likewise, Rihanna is no genuine artist, she is a p*rn singer. When you have talent, you don’t need to do anything else.”

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Kangana also terms all of this a huge conspiracy. “This big revelation that has come our way, defaming the nation would be a very polite way to describe this.

This is a brutal attempt to break up India. It’s god’s blessing that Greta Thunberg, by accident owing to her condition or something, committed this mistake.

This is such a big conspiracy. It doesn’t take much intelligence to know where it hurts the most,” she added.

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