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Kylie Jenner Claims her Lucious Lips are a Filter in Sassy



Kylie Jenner Claims her Lucious Lips are a Filter in Sassy

Kylie Jenner Claims her Lucious Lips are a Filter in Sassy: Kylie Jenner shut down a TikTok who slammed her lips in her viral video, as she claimed that her plump lips are a filter.

In a recent video shared on social media, the makeup mogul was seen posing with her friend Stassiee Karanikolaou, as they flaunted their big pouts.

Both were hugging each other while throwing smoldering looks at the lens, in the viral 7-second video which has already amassed over 11 million views.

The ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ CEO wore her long dark hair down and sported a basic makeup look. However, fans couldn’t help but notice that her lips appeared overdrawn and bigger than usual.

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One user who took notice, commented “The lips, please” and added the grinning face with sweat emoji, along with the skull emoji. Much to their surprise, Kylie replied directly to the critic.

The mogul responded “it’s the filter but go off,” hinting that she uses a filter on the app to make her lips appear fuller.

Surprised by this, the user that criticized her lips took to Reddit, and wrote in a post: “Honestly screaming because I was about 1 out of 1000 comments about her lips and now the stans are flooding my page lmfao.”

One Reddit user defended the critic, as they commented: “If she has to say no, they don’t really look like that, it’s the filter as if they look better without the filter, why the hell is she putting on that clownish filter lol.”

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Another agreed, adding: “That’s what confused me- she blamed the filter & I am thinking that was the point of the comment.”

“Maybe i’m bitter and poor but if i was that rich i wouldn’t give a good god damned what anyone said about me on content i willingly put out,” someone else quipped.

Numerous of fans have flooded the comment section of Kylie’s TikTok video, pleading for the influencer to stop using filters, and to love her natural lips. It’s apparent, however, that Kylie loves the filter enhancing her lips.


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