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Salman Khan: Young generation needs to hear Bhai Bhai song again and again



Salman Khan: Young generation needs to hear Bhai Bhai song again and again

Fans didn’t get to see Salman Khan beat up goons in his new film on Eid this year. The actor, however, made up for the same by releasing a new song called Bhai Bhai on Eid 2020.

Taking to his Twitter account, Salman tweeted, “Thank u for the response on bhai bhai , please make the younger generation hear this song again n again , your younger siblings, your kids etc .thank u 1s again ,may God be vit u n protect u .#BhaiBhai”

The song became an instant hit with his fans the moment it was released. In his latest tweet, Salman thanked his fans for giving such an amazing response to the song. He also asked them to listen to it again and again and make the younger generation hear it too.

Eid is the best day to release this as it is also the festival that brings people close to each other. I hope people enjoy the song as much as I did while making it for them.”

With lines like, ‘Ramzan mein hai Ram, Diwali mein hai Ali, message yahi pohochana hai humko gali gali, Hindu-Muslim bhai bhai, kya bolte miyan bhai,’ the song Bhai Bhai aims to spread the message of brotherhood. It is shot at the actor’s Panvel farmhouse. The song’s lyrics are written by Danish Sabri, and Sajid Wajid have composed it. Salman has lent his voice to the song, along with Ruhaan Arshad.

Meanwhile, Salman also launched two songs titled ‘Pyaar Karona’ and ‘Tere Bina’ on his channel amid the lockdown.

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