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She feasts on sea moss smoothies, vegan tacos and Cheetos: Kim Kardashian Eats



She feasts on sea moss smoothies, vegan tacos and Cheetos: Kim Kardashian Eats

Ever since she showcased her multiple walk-in glass fridges and boasted of being ‘plant based’, fans have been curious about what Kim Kardashian actually eats.

In a recent Twitter interaction with fans, Kim Kardashian opened up about what she likes eating. Turns out, the reality star and media personality likes eating everything from sea moss smoothies to Cheetos.

Kim revealed she loves having mini cinnamon toast Eggo waffles and Dunkaroos before a fan asked her to do a Q&A session on food.

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she was ‘mostly plant-based’, as were her children, Kim added that her oldest daughter, six-year-old North, was a pescatarian – meaning she eats fish.

However, when asked which her favourite cheat meal is, Kim replied that it had to be either Eggos or Top Ramen, when at home. Otherwise, she revealed, “It depends what city I’m in.”

The Twitter Q&A also saw fans asking if she ever had Tajin, to which she replied she had it on pineapple and also revealed that her favourite oreos were the “Big Stuff” ones. As for her favourite Starbucks drink, she elaborated, “Small size soy chai latte or smallest size white chocolate mocha with whipped cream.”

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Via: News18

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