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Gold Movie Review: Independence Day Blockbuster, Here all you need know



Gold Movie Review: Independence Day Blockbuster, Here all you need know

Akshay Kumar is all set to gift his fans his new movie, released today Gold, tell that the story of India’s first Olympic gold win as an Independence Nation, is hitting the screens on Today.

Movie clash with John Abrahm’s Satyamev Jayate on today, While both Gold and Satyamev Jayate are eyeing the Independence Day window, trade analysts suggest that the Akshay Kumar Film will have an edge over John Abrahm’s Movie.

Gold begins at 1936 Olympic in Berlin where Akshay Kumar is the general He You, of the British India’s National Hockey Team. Somewhere between, not saluting Mein Fuhrer and carrying the Indian Flag next to his heart , he established his patriotism.


A Thrilling hockey match follow and the action is equally engrossing on the bleachers, whether Indians win or lose in immaterial, for standing on the podium would be salve. There in a country covered with swastikes, Akshya’s Tapan Das vows with a hand on the Tricolor , to win the medal for free India.

The opening and the credits make for the most rousing 20 minutes of Gold, they tug at your heartstrings , appeal to your national pride an establish Tapan as our man in the Reema Kagati Film.

A son takes us through the most defining moments in the world history, world War 2, Olympic getting cancelled, India’s Independence Day,,as Tapan fills the hockey shaped hole in his heart with alcohol.


Tapan’s love for his country never wavers and neither does our faith in him. Apan Das is paradoxical character , throughout called “Pagal Begali”

He is what Jerry Maguire would have been in his circumstances, or may be better, thank to his understanding of a flawed team manager who dicks like a fish retaliates like a hyena.

He is tactical, non-confrontational and the go to man for players who have not yet risen above their social conditions back home.


There is dribbler in Raghubir Pratap Singh, the scion of a princely state in erstwhile United Province , who finds the untamed energy of Himmat Singh, threatening. There are others who are yet to find a purpose in the stick , but they are all glued together with Tapan’s passion to see the flag Independent India Hosted above others.


Mouni Roy as Akshay Kumar’s wife Monobina is just the right mixture of crotchety and charming, with her grasp Bengoli, she brings that extra something to the films milieu.

Akshay and Mouni’s scene together are the spice that Gold needed: She takes down her husband a notch o twi every time they are together.


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