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Is Ranbir Kapoor planning to marry alia bhatt? actor answers



Is Ranbir Kapoor planning to marry alia bhatt? actor answers

Reports of the Alia and Ranbir planning to tie the knot had also surfaced but looks like we will have to wait much longer before we get to see Raila tying the knot, reported Zee news.

Bollywood star, Ranbir Kapoor has been talk of the town ever since rumors of his relationship with Alia Bhatt surfaced on the Internet.

The couple has never officially admitted to being in a relationship but their time to time public appearances together speak volumes.

Ranbir Kapoor had confirmed that, relationship in an interview with GQ magazine where he called it ‘too new to talk about’.

The two has been spotted together at quite a few occasions, while RK jr is not on the social media, his Alia has mentioned him in Instagram a number of times.

The rumor have been afloat that Ranbir and Alia are planning to take their relationship to the next level, but is there any truth to such rumors. well its a clear ‘No’ form the Kapoor lad.

In an interview with HT, Ranbir Kapoor was asked about his and Alia’s wedding rumor. to this the actor replied, “its all a part of show business. you make up a story , and soon there is another story of the first story and so on. I have always believed that marriage is something that will happen naturally. it can not be like, Okay, I am 35 now, so it’s time to get married.

It should come to you and you partner naturally and you should both feel, this is the right phase , now , we should take this relationship to the next level. but abhi aisi koi baat nahi hai. i have not decided on marriage yet”

it seems that Ranbir and Alia are in not hurry to take the big step anytime soon. but whenever they do so . it would be a lavish affair for sure.

The duo has been filming for director Ayan Mukerji’s superhero fantasy film Brahmastra for a long time now.

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