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Manmarziyaan Movie Review: Confusing and Complicated love triangle



Manmarziyaan Movie Review: Confusing and Complicated love triangle

Manmarziyaan is a complicated, confusing love triangle between Vicky, Rumi and Robbie. Tapsi Pannu plays the titular character Rumi who is madly in Pyaar with the maniacal DJ Vicky, but Vicky’s lack of ambition proves damper to the couple when the topic of marriage.

Appeared Robbie a banker, who is everything Vicky is not. Rumi is constantly facing battle between Vicky and Robbie. Rumi (Taapsi) starts off with a few glithc but slowly gets into the intricacies of the confused Rumi and gives us a relatable character.


Vicky plays the lovable blue haired wannabe rockstar with ease and steals the show in the first half with his larger that life personality.

Abhishek has few scenes his restrained performance is the perfect balance for the colorful personalities of Rumi and Vicky.

Rumi warns him that she will get marriage to Robbie of he doesn’t man up. Rest of the story just builds up a curiosity along with tad bit of confusion of what will be the fate of this trio.

We have seen, celebrity love on Twitter, with many actors. Karan Johar gave his opinion , respect and love for the film on Twitter.



Karan tweeted, Their is so much of loveliness in @KanikaDhillon’s writing!! She captures the emotional beats with ease and expertise! The performances are extraordinary! A superbly solid, silent and sensitive portrayal by @juniorbachchan !! So so proud of his work!!! He is so amazing.

“Congratulations to Anand Rai Anurag Kashyap and EROS on #Manmarziyaan !! Here’s to a stupendous weekend ahead!”, He is added.

Taapsee Pannu replied in twitter, Karan u need to start tagging me correctly now ! I always end up missing these compliments on my timeline !!!!! I have worked hard for it!

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