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Mohalla Assi Movie Review: Overused Abuses like Bose DK!



Mohalla Assi Movie Review: Overused Abuses like Bose DK

Director Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s long delayed Mohalla Assi brings to the big screen Hindi literature Singh’s Kashi ka Assi, a no-holds-barred, insightful take on a Varanashi locality seen through the prism of India’s political and economic chrun in 1990.

Singh positions Kashi aka Banaras aka Varanshi as the holiest of holy Hindi cities. As well as a place of great ancient learning which encourage the spirit of questioning.

The story revolves around little stories revolving around one man Dharmnah Pandey (Sunny Deol). A priest residing on the Assi Ghat in the holy city of Varanshi. Being a Brahman, he hated people who eat non-veg in his area and keeps looking for if there are any bones scattered around.


It is shame then that Mohalla Assi fails so spectacularly. It could have been the film for our times, after all. The seeds of present day India were sown during those turbulent months in Dec 1992.

The movie begins with Sunny Deol‘s Panidt Dharmanath Pandey. A rigid and conservative priest who practices on Assi Ghat and prefers to live in the past. Ravi Kishan’s tourist guide are on the get rich quick path by marketing exotic India to foreigners. Pandey refuse to let them even enter his Mohalla.

He prefers to live in poverty and gets in the leg when he goes for Karseva to Ayodhya.


Mohalla Assi Movie Review  Negative/Positive


He also gets annoyed if his wife correctly advise him regarding religious things. Dharam ke maamle mei toh tumrehne hi do.

Being the kind of orthodox he is. There are times when people come to him asking for favors which are against his principles. But the cricle of life brings him to situation where he has compromise.

Bringing the issues of Ram Mandir, reservation into the limelight, the story forwards with Chai-stall conversations.


You will get to learn various creative accents to day the word Bho***ke & how much smooch the life out your partner who is cheating on you.

If Sunny Deol Dharmanath Pandey meets Govind from Damini he will say, Taareekh pe Tareekh, Tareekh pe Tareekh, milti rahi, lekin inssaaf nahi mila bho***ke.

Every scence has a subtext hidden under it, a subtext of why you should never watch film & those who do not get his are Bose DK.

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