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Priyanka Chopra Reply to Rumored Engagement with Nick Jonas: Personal life is not for public consumption



Priyanka Chopra Reply to Rumored Engagement with Nick Jonas

Priyanka was invetiably asked about her rumored engagement to Nick Jonas. Priyanka Chopra says it is not mandatory that every details of her personal life be revealed to the public, “My personal life and everything about is not for public consumption. 90 percent of my life is for public consumption and 10 percent of it , is for me. I am girl and I have the right to keep that to myself sometimes I Laugh, sometimes I get annoyed , but mostly , I tell my publicities, let it be, today’s news is tomorrow’s trash”, Priyanka said in an event.


Acctress Priyanka Chopra touched down in the National Capital after attending rumored boyfriend Nick Jonas concert in Singapore over the weekend.


The actress has been in the midst of rumoured that she has got engaged to Jonas , who is 10 years younger to her. Her decision to opt out the Salman Khan’s Bharat added fuel to the speculation.


Priyanka , flew in here from Singapore where she attended Jonas’ concert and said she does not thing she needs to defend or explain anything when it comes to her family , her relationships, equations with people and decisions.

“I am not running for office, so I don’t owe anyone an explanation” , she quipped during an interactive session titled “Challenging the status Quo and Forging New paths” organised Jointly by Ficci Ladies Organization and Yes Bank.

A faint streak of criticism also erupted on the internet citing Priyanka and Nick’s age difference. Nick Jonas will be turn 26 this Sept while Priyanka celebrated her 36th birthday last month. Their appearances together were also termed as PR exercise but Priyanka does not feel the need for clarification.


Priyanka revealed how she deals with rumours: “Sometimes I laugh , sometimes get annoyed , but mostly , I tell my publicites , lets it be, today’s news is tomorrow’s trash.”


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