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Satyameva Jayate Movie Review: Film is for the masses, Vir das praises John Abraham starrer



Satyameva Jayate Movie Review

It is easy to enough to ridicules ‘Satyameva Jayate’, good knows, it renders itself venerable to Sevres slamming. It wears its jingoistic patriotism on the sleeve and every other visible part of its canvas, growing more and more shrill every frame and dialogue.

These kinds of tactless films get easily teolled , or stoned as we earlier used to refer savage lynching or crude cinema.
But , Satyameva Jayate is not designed for those who dug their grey cells into Newton and came out feeling like alumni on a space odyssey.


This is a film for the messes, the commoners who everyday have to face discrimination and corruption on the streets where a lot of people don’t just work but also live sleep and defecate.

Satyameva Jayate falls under the entertaining category as it succeeds to entertain but lacks the cinematic and directional brilliance that is required to make a movie classy.

Veera (John Abraham) is out on a deadly mission of eradicating the corrupt officers in Mumbai, Police department. They belief that such police do not deserved to wear the khaki, Veer starts burning all the corrupt cops alive one after another. PS: he always carries a matchstick box for this purpose.


Unable to contain the murders, most trusted and reliable offer DCP Shivanch (Manoj) is giver the charge to track down the killer. Here onwards starts the cat and mouse chase. The reason behind Veer taking up law in his won hands in connected to his past.


Shivansh Rathod played by Manoj Bajpayee is the honest officer, something we are reminded every 10 second . he is on a mission to find Veer and is rather unsuccessful for the most part, even when there seems to be CCTV footage available. But let’s not try to discover the crater-like loopholes in the film, because there is not enough time in the world.


There is a plot twist right before the intermission, but you are so wearied and nauseated by inept filmmaking abd ab overdose of patriotism by the, that you can about widen your eyes in mere surprise.

The second half tries to inject some reason behind Veer’s doing, but fails miserably . there is more blood and dramatic matchsticks flicked in the direction of the kerosene.

There are hardly any grey in the film of course, Apparently corrupt policeman go around belating that they are corrupt, we hope the corrupt one listen to you, Milap Milan Zaveri.


It’s understandable why John Abraham did this film, it is to stay true to his action avatar, which is comfort zone. He beats up people left, right and centre and never misses a chance to show his bulging biceps. You can already expect him to do a role that involves him breaking out of jumping dangerously high ledges.

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