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Shweta Tiwari revealed, daughter Palak was offered in Kasautii Zindagi kay



Shweta Tiwari revealed, daughter Palak was offered in Kasautii Zindagi kay

Ekta Kapoor is back with new series of Kasautii Zindagi Kay, in which Erica and Parth Samthaan play the lead roles.
but many are not aware of fact that titular role of Prerna was first offered to Shwta Tiwari’s daughter Palak.

Shweta Tiwari said, “I never force anything on her or tell her what to do. Palak is a very intelligent girl. She wants to be and actress; she has already decided that if she will do anything her life then it will be related to this industry. But She is the one who takes her own call and says no or yes to projects.”, Reported by Zee News India.


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Shweta Tiwari was praises for her daughter and saying that, “”Palak is a responsible and intelligent girl. Palak does not smoke or has any habits like other kids of her age. She never demands anything. her deadline in the night is always 8:30 PM no matter where she goes”

She added,”if it’s a night party like a birthday party, then her deadline is 11:30 pm . she comes back without me having to fight with her. I have been very lucky that whenever I tell her something, she follows it. God has been kind.”

The popular television show, Kasautii Zindagi kay started on Oct 29, 2001, and went on until Feb 28 2008. So the second part is being made in decade.

Come Sept 25, 2018 , all eyes will be glued to the TV screens for Kasautii Zindagi Kay reboot to take over.

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