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YouTube Deleted Carry Minati’s YouTube vs TikTok Video



YouTube Deleted Carry Minati's YouTube vs TikTok Video

YouTube vs TikTok is the new sensation that we can see over the Internet. Both are one of the biggest video sharing platforms being used in India most.

It all started when Elvish Yadav, a youtube roasted some of the Tiktokers creating rubbish content. So the Tiktokers came together and made it a Youtube vs TikTok battle.

This spark and hatred were present earlier also but after the incident, this little spark was converted into a fire and became a trending topic in India.

This matter got worse when it is being said, Carry Minati was given a threat call by a famous tiktoker Mr. Faisu as he was asking him to stop roasting them.

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YouTubers and Tiktokers were trying their best to tell that their content and platform is best. Carry Minati who is one of the top YouTubers came forward and made a video in reply to all these happenings.

This video proved to benefit the channel of Carry as he gained 2 million new subscribers after the video and this video crossed the fastest liked video on YouTube.

The social media also came on fire and roasted Tiktoker by making memes of Carry Minati and Ameer Siddiqui.

However the thing is this video was blamed to spread hatred and cyberbullying. Maybe that’s why this video has been taken down from YouTube. See the screenshot attached to the YouTube channel of Carry.

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