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Durga idol made of pure gold and it costs Rs 50 lakh



Durga idol made of pure gold and it costs Rs 50 lakh

It is all bout festivals right now in India, While some are busying playing Dandiya, some are celebrating Durga Pujo.

Kolkata, at this time of the year, is dressed up like a bride with lights and colors. People are busy Pandal hopping and having the best food.

A goddess Durga idol has been made of around 50 kg gold. more than 250 workers, who worked n day and night, completed Durga idol of gold in 3 months.

Even the entire Pandal has been decorated in such a way that it looks like Sheesh Mahal. 10,000 pieces of glass have been used to make the pandal. It is every bit mesmerizing and gives a feel of Diwali during Durga Pujo.

This is no the first time that the Puja organizers have resorted to such an ostentatious display of jewelry.

The best part is yet to come. this idol will not be immersed in water. it will stay there for people to enjoy its beauty and fall in love with it over and over again.

In 2017, They draped goddess Durga in a gold saree. Pooja committee members said, We just wanted to show the world and the country that machine can not make the idol of gold only man can do it.

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