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More than 40 lakh people left out of final draft List of Indian Citizens in Assam



More than 40 lakh people left out of final draft List of Indian Citizens in Assam

The final draft of the National Register of Citizens was published today in Assam, identifying 2,89,83,677 people as valid citizens of India. A Total 3,29,91,384 people had applied to become part of the NRC officials said today.


More than 40 lakh people were found to be invalid citizens of India, The citizen’s register is being compiled under the order of the Supreme court in order to identify illegal foreigners residing in Assam.


NRC official reiterated that the register was in a draft state and that people left out of the register would still be able to appeal and present objections.


Process has been completely transparent , fair, objective and meticulously carried out, Register General of India Shailesh told reporters at a press conference . Around 40 lakh people do no find a mention in final draft of NRC.


Anyone whose name was mentioned in the final draft but missing from the final draft will be given an individual letter to file a claim for their non-inclusion during the claims and objections process.


Mr Shailesh and Mr Hajela said, The remaining 40,007,707 people, whose name did not figure in the list will be given “Ample opportunity” through a process of claims and objections will Sept 28, and their citizenship status will not be questioned till the final, error-free is prepared on an unspecified date.


The 40 lakh not on the list include 2.48 lakh doubtfull voters and their siblings and descendants. More than 40 lakh people in Assam have been left out from the draft list of citizens released today.


The state’s National Register of Citizens or nRC has been updated for the first time since 1951 to account for illegal migration from the Bangladesh.


Official underscored that no one would be deported or arrested the as this is the only draft. The recount is seen by critics as move to target Assam’s Muslims population on the pretext of weeding out Bangladeshi migrants.
Thousand of central forces are in the state to prevent any unrest over the new list.


Based on the draft there is no question of any person being taken to the detention centre’s Satyendra Garg, Join Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs , said releasing the draft NRC.


NRC feature the names, Address and photographs of all Indian citizens , who have been residing in the northeastern state before March 25, 1971. The register can be accessed at


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