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Triple Talaq bill goes to Rajya Sabha today after Union Cabinet approved amendments



Triple Talaq bill goes to Rajya Sabha today after Union Cabinet approved amendments


Triple Talaq bill will be tabled in Rajya Sabha on Friday a day after Union Cabinet approved amendments to the bill making it possible for a magistrate to grant bail to the accused. It will be tabled in Rajya Sabha on Friday.

Cabinet Approved many provisions such as a provision of bail the accused by magistrate among the two other amendments to the Triple Talaq Bill. Last day of Monsoon session , the government is likely to table the bill today.


Government has watered down the Triple Talaq Bill as compared to the one passed by the Lok Sabha in December last year. As per the latest amendment, if someone is doing crime of Triple Talaq (FIR) will be cognizable only if the victim or her blood relatives or someone associated with the marriage files the complaints. A complaint filed by an agency or outside entity will not be cognizable.


In the earlier version , Any person could have initiated criminal proceedings against a Muslim man , who pronounces instant Triple Talaq on his wife.

In the second amendment, Crime remains non-bailable but a magistrate can grant bail after hearing the victim, bail provisional was one of the demands of the opposition parties.

As per the third amendment makes the crime compoundable, if friends seek reconciliation , the magistrate can compound offence.


A woman may also seek the custody of her minor children and seek subsistence allowance from the magistrate who will take a final call.

It passed by Lok Sabha in Dec made the practice a criminal for which a police officer was empowered to arrest an accused without warrant.

The proposed law will applicable for and instant Triple Talaq or talaq-e-biddat, three years jail for the guilty.


Union Minister R S Prasad said that, a total of 389 cases of instant triple talaq were reported and between Jan to August in 2017, 229 cases were reported. This shows that the bill is required even after the Supreme Court struck down triple talaq as illegal. After the bill was introduces, 160 cases reported, as per indiatoday.


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