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Bodies of 14 newborns found at an empty plot in Kolkata: Police Says



Bodies of 14 newborns found at an empty plot in Kolkata: Police Says

Bodies of 14 newborns were found wrapped in plastic bags in an empty plot of land in Kolkata. In a shocking incident on Sept 2018.

The Kolkata Police has demanded the CCTV footage for investigation. Some of the bodies appeared to be in a semi- decomposed state, while a few were fully decomposed , a senior Kolkata Officer said.

We have no clue where from they have going by circumstantial evidences, It seems that they were dumped there as the and was lying abandoned, The officer said.


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City Mayor Sovan CHatterjee and Commissioner of Police Rajeev Kumar have reached the spot on receiving information.

“I was informed by the local councilor that th ground was filled with litters for many months and needed to be cleaned. while the cleaning work was on , 14 dead bodies of new born babies could be recovered from one side of the ground. the bodes were wrapped in plastic and chemical was applied to stop them from rotting”, Chatterjee said.

The police is still figuring out how the bodies were dumped on the empty ground, reported by India Toady.

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