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Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10: Here’s all you need to know



Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10: According to the date mentioned in the current battle pass, it is going to conclude two weeks from now, on 9th September. Thus, you can take it on good account that Season 10 will start its course from 10th September onwards.

Although the date is not entirely set in stone and it is subject to change as it was seen with Season 9.

However, the chances for that happening are fairly low. Hence, you can rely on this data until any official notice from the developers.

Season 10 New Maps:

Terminal: Often this line is associated with this map as it was the setting of the controversial mission that takes place in Modern Warfare 2. Now coming to COD Mobile, Terminal is a massive sized map which is sure to see a lot of gameplay time in the upcoming season.

It is likely to be one of the best looking maps in the game with high-end graphics that almost touch console levels. It was previously wanted in Season 9 by fans, but better late than never.

Pine: Pine is another great addition coming to the game. What makes this map so unique for us is its diversity and uniqueness from the maps we’ve already seen. As of now, the game is full of urban landscapes and factories and concrete structures. Pine provides a lush green jungle surrounding for guerilla combat to take place.

Season 10 New Perks:

High Alert:


Season 10 New Operator Skill:

The last major update coming with the next season is a new operator skill in multiplayer mode. It will be called Equilizer and it was previously seen in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

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