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Google Hires 22 years old IIIT-B Graduate for AI Research in New york



Google Hires 22 years old IIIT-B Graduate for AI Research in New york

Bagging a job at Google is every engineer’s dream. Aditya Paliwal , a students of International Institute f Information Technology Bangalore, had the same dream. Google hires Aditya , 22 years old M Tech student in Computer Science at IIT-B , will be a part of its Artificial Intelligence research wing in the New York. Aditya Paliwal , a 22 year old students of Integrated MTech at IIIT-B with an impressive salary packages of Rs 1.2 crore per annum.


As a students , Aditya’s focus was never the job , but to learn new thing “I never worried about it to much. I knew I would alwayd have one year at the end of the course to prepare to refocus on employment tests, so the focus on the learning as many thing as possible and meeting interesting people and ideas”


Paliwal will finished his M Tech this year, will work with google’s AI residency programme for one year and will be a option of converting it into a full time placement, will be joining Google on July 16. Aditya told the news Minute in an interview “Google offer did not come easy”.


Mumbai based students beat around 6,000 students from the across the globe to clear the preliminary round of the selection process and was in the top 50 finalist in the ACM international collegiate Programming Contest.


Out of 50 students who managed to get a job at Google’s AI Research wing. Five are from India, Aditya is one of them.


Google program was created in 2015 with the goal of training and supporting the next generation of deep learning researchers . Residents in the program work with distinguished scientists and engineers form the option of research teams.


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