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Government wants to block Social Media platform during National emergencies



Government wants to block Social Media platform during National emergencies

The Government wants to block the global social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegraph and Instagram in cases where national security or public order are under threat.

The exercise comes at a time when the government has expressed serious reservations over the response given by WhatsApp after it was asked how its platform was used for mobilization by deadly lynch mobs across various states.
Department of Telecom on July 18, 2018, had written to all telecom operators, the internet service providers


Association of India, industry body Cellular operators Association of India and others and asked for their inputs to block the applications under section 69A of the IT Act.

Department of Telecom in the letter had said that the Ministry of Electronics and IT mobile law enforcement agencies have raised issued around blocking of certain mobile apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telecom etc. to meet requirement under Section 69A of IYT Act, a government source aware of the development told PTI.

DoT issues instructions to internet service providers to block websites based either on a court order or on the directions of the cyber law division of the ministry of electronics and Information Technology.

DoT officially said, there is no move to block any apps. Meity has told DoT that blocking such apps during emergency. Situations is difficult, and hence there is a need for reasonably good solution to protect national security, officially said, requesting anonymity.

Assocham stated that with the enhancement in technologies, there have emerged equipment these kinds of as virtual private network which allows people to entry content material that may well have been blocked at telecom company. In this state of affairs, blocking of purposes at the TSP/ISP stage may possibly not be an efficacious answer as buyers can get close to the exact same with growing simplicity. The target on acquiring mechanism to block article could be unwarranted, Assocham explained.


The government is trying to deal with 21st century challenge with 19th centurymindset, Bannign something arouses more curiosity. Such an exercise can only work within bounding of the country and most such apps are not hosted here, Lawyer Pavan Duggal said.


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