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Kerala Floods: Indian Navy rescued 17,000 people from Floods



Kerala Floods: Indian Navy rescued 17,000 people from Floods

Indian Navy rescued 17,000 people in gushing waters in floods ravaged Kerala, a defence spokesperson said on Monday.

Navy personnel who were part of the rescue mission code named “Operation Madad” in Kerala, displayed their skills and courage in rescuing thousand of people, Commander Sridhar Worrier, Spokesperson added.

The operation Madad launched on August 9, 2018 to assist the Kerala state administration to undertake disaster relief operations.

The Indian Navy rescued a total of 16,843 people, of which 1,173 were airlifted while 15,670 were rescued by the teams using Gemini boats after which resulted in widespread flooding , he told PTI.

He said that, such was their efficiency that in fact , no death by drowning were reported in any area where naval teams systematically organized their rescue efforts.


Based on the input from the state administration, as well as feedback from the teams on ground, careful planning of the utilization of resources available with the Command was done and teams were deployed in the general where distress calls were most concentrate , he said.

Once the resource available with the Southern Naval Command in terms of Gemini boats and divers were found to be falling short, additional resources were sought and promptly received from other Naval commands, Worrier said.

He said, deployment of teams inaccessible areas was mostly done by airlift and even this was extremely difficult , landing ground for the aircraft were not readily available due to inundation of most areas.

Naval aircraft operated from the naval air station INS Garuda and were deployed from the Chalakudy, Thrissur to Ayroor, Pathanamthitta to airlift survivors from the location inaccessible by road, the Spokesperson said, reported by First post.


Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan appealed to Malayalis across the world to contribute at least their salary of one month to bring the state back to normalcy.

Making the appeal on Facebook, CM said, Malayalis should be united to build a new Kerala . Kerala’s strength is not its treasury but support of the world.

central government had contributed Rs 600 crore as immediate relief to the Kerala Govt.

the worst floods in close to a century submerged Kerala between August 8 to 16, killing over 400 person and displacing over 720,000 roughly equal to the population of Puducherry.

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