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Krafton announces new Game Moonbreaker: Here are Details



Krafton announces new Game Moonbreaker: Here are Details

Krafton announces the new Game Moonbreaker: Krafton has unveiled a new game called Moonbreaker. The Moonbreaker is a turn-based, tabletop tactics title designed to provide digital miniatures experience.

The entire game is set in a sci-fi universe crafted by Bradon Sanderson. The Unknown Worlds has developed the game and creators of the Subnautica series which was formerly referred to as Project M.

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However, the Moonbreaker game will launches globally on 29 September on PC.

In Moonbreaker, the players will battle in various locations across the Reaches- a tiny solar system with moons held in orbit by a scarce resource called Cinder.

The Moonbreaker developers will launch the upcoming audio drams so the players will learn more world of Moonbreaker.

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The game is getting popular with fans due to its tabletop and collectible card games. Krafton claims that more than 50 Units are available at the Early Access launch, and the Roster combinations are endless.

Krafton further claims that Moonbreaker is designed to capture the feel of a physical miniatures game without real-world limitations.

The game promises detailed, intuitive, and constantly evolving painting tools. You’ll get custom palettes, customizable roster banners, and professional digital painting tools to create your units.

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