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Mahesh Bhatt spoken about Ranbir Kapoor : I Love Ranbir Kapoor very much



Mahesh Bhatt spoken about Ranbir Kapoor : I Love Ranbir Kapoor very much

Recent late night rendezvous was all over news of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, and joined with Alia’s father , Mahesh Bhatt. Ranbir kapoor headed to Alia’s Bhatt residence to meet her father Mahesh Bhatt. Is their relationship officially moving on the next level? Are they getting married. Such question that kept circulating on the internet and it was only obvious for people to speculate.


The couple close while prepping for their film Brahmastra and Ranbir asked her out on New Year’s Eve last year. On Friday night picture of Bhatt talking to Ranbir in Alia’s Apartment surfaced and send everyone into a tizzy,


Mahesh bhatt in an interview with Hindustan Times, about the photo and meeting Ranbir “when he saw those pics, I was like , Oh, the paparazzi age is here and you have people from the outside using their premise to capture the image, because that what the nation is thrusting for”.


When asked he advise daughter Alia on relationship matters, Mahesh Bhatt said, Its very obvious that Ranbir and Alia are making no bones about talking to people about them being intimate. And he told that, I don’t belong to that category of parents who would advise their children about their personnel choice.


The Filmmaker is extremely fond of Ranbir, and could not stop gushing about him. “I like and love him very much. He has got a core far deeper than what cinema space can capture”


He astounded me in Sanju , after Amitabh Bachchan’s Deewar (1975), this is the first time , I have seen an actor take charge of character which is iconic like Sanjay Dutt. Ranbir is barely 34 or 35 and though he comes from the great lineage of the Kapoor Family, and have unique charm and talent that his own.


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