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Minecraft 1.18 Update: Tips & Trick to Build Underwater Houses



Minecraft 1.18 Update: Tips & Trick to Build Underwater Houses

Minecraft Build Underwater Houses: Minecraft has the most popular and one of the best open-world maps amongst video games. The game has many biomes including places like underwater or underground.

These biomes make a variety of different places for bases to be built. The ocean is the one biome in Minecraft that builders often overlook.

Tips & Trick to Minecraft Build Underwater Houses:

Drop in Construction:

This building method is useful and saves time. The drop-in construction method allows players to complete their builds on the surface then drop them down into the ocean, which saves a lot of time.

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Firstly, find a deep area in the ocean and make a temporary platform on the water’s surface, using a non-gravity block like dirt. Afterward, build the shell of your base on top of the platform like normal, using a gravity block like sand.

Bubble Columns and Elevators:

Players usually need to stay below water for a long time of period of time. Players can create a bubble column using either magma or should then stand inside it while pressing shift to replenish their air meter.

Furthermore, these bubble columns can also be used as makeshift elevators. Magma cubes’ bubble columns pull entities toward them and therefore can be used for a quick descent. Soul sand’s bubble columns, on the other hand, push entities away from them, which makes a great ascent tool.

Drain Water:

Just use the sponge to remove the water from a room, build a nether portal inside it, and go to the nether. As water instantly evaporates in the nether, you would be able to keep placing sponges and dry them instantly to remove as much water as you need.

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Players can find sponges in Ocean monuments’ sponge rooms, with each of them having an average of 30 wet sponges. They can also be acquired as a drop from Elder Guardians.

Hiding the base:

HIdden bases are thrilling to witness and even better to live in. Camouflaged underwater bases are the best idea to hide one’s base and give an aesthetic look to the base. Ideas for a camouflaged base could be an outer wall made of blue glass or to use gravel to resemble an underwater gravel hill.

Build conduits:

At significant depths underwater, it gets quite dark and therefore very hard to see. Combined with the mining speed reduction and oxygen limitation, building underwater can be pretty irritating.

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Conduits can deal with all these problems. When completed, they give players underwater night vision, night breathing, and increased mining speed.