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Nirav Modi presence in the United Kingdom: CBI Confirmed



Nirav Modi presence in the United Kingdom CBI Confirmed

India’s most wanted fugitive Nirav Modi, has been located in the United Kingdom, CBI confirmed. The Interpol informed the Indian authorities about Nirav Modi’s location on 16 August.

The UK authorities have not shared Nirav Modi’s UK address, city or arrest him so far, the sources have confirmed.

A Red Corner Notice was issued against Nirav Modi by the Interpol on 2, July 2018, which helped the investigative agency locate the fugitive diamantaire.

Although the RCN helps, “Locate the provisionally arrest an individual” against whom a valid national arrest warrant has been issued, the Interpol can not compel any member country to arrest an individual against whom the RCN has been issued.

Each member country holds a different legal value for RCN within their borders. However , RCN helps restrict the movement of the fugitive to other countries, as The quint reported.

Nirav Modi is the prime accused in the over Rs 13,000 crore Punjab National Bank fraud case. Nirav Modi and his associates, including uncle Mehul Choksi, are accuse of improperly using banking instruments in defraud the state run Punjab National Bank of more than 13,000 crore.


Earlier this month, The Government had told parliament that an extradition request for Nirav Modi had been sent to the UK. The request sent by Special Diplomatic Bag to the High Commission of India in London, VK Singh, Minister of State for external Affairs, said in Parliament.


As Nirav Modi is the fugtitive India has asked the UK to extradite since 2002. The UK Government has rejected India’s request nine timed in the last 16 years.

Nirav Modi and his family left India in the first week of Jan 2018, when a case against him and Mehul Choski was registred by the CNI on 30 Jan 2018 under the prevention of Corruption Act for causing alleged loss to the PNB to the tune of Rs 13,000 crore.


Meanwhile, the Enforcement Directorate registered a case against the duo under the money laundering Act.
On July 8, Choski escaped to Antigua from the US , later it was found that he had taken Antiguan citizenship in Nov 2017.


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