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Pakistan Election 2018: 31 killed in attack near polling station



Pakistan Election 2018: 31 killed in attack near polling station

Pakistan is polling today in the nation’s second democratic transition of power ever in 70 years. mainly focus of the three Pakistani general elections Shehbaz Sharif, Chief of the Pakistna Musli League-Nawaz (PML-N), Bilbal Bhutto Zardari of Pakistani people party. Imran Khan , founder for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).


Pakistan will elect a new Prime Minister today in Pakistan amid accusations of manipulation by the powerful army. Even Islamic hardliners are contesting this general election in Pakistan.


Pakistan election commission has decided that proceed against politicians who talk to media PTI chief Imran Khan is also facing the electoral body’s desciplinary has termed this violation of its code of ethics.


In the beginning hours , there was no rush of voters at polling stations due to their daily routine work. however a large number of voters thronged to polling stations and such of boters was witnessed after 11 Am at all polling stations acorss the district.


At least 31 people were killed and another 32 were wounded Wednesday in a suicide bombing on a police van near a polling station in the western Pakistani city of Quetta , in the middle of general elections in the country.


Pakistan hospital official say 25 killed , and 40 wounded in explosation outside crowded polling station in City of Quetta , AP reports.


Police officer Khalid Hamdani says its unclear what triggered the shootout between a gourp of supporters of the secular Awami Naiotnal Party, which often been targeted by the Taleban and the Tehrik-e-Iinsaf led by former cricket star Imran Khan

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