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Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018: Exit Poll Rajasthan, Predict Congress win



Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018: Exit Poll Rajasthan, Predict Congress win

Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018: The Police for Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 ended and the state witnessed brisk polling in the assembly elections.

Polling for 199 seats out of the total 200 in the assembly began at 8 am with voters lining up at 51,687 booths. Ramgarh election constituency of Alwar district was put off following the death of Bahujan Samajh Party candidates Laxman Singh.

Exit poll predicted different result for the BJP and Congress in the state. According to the Axis Exit poll, BJP will win 63 seats, Congress will win 130 seas and other will win 6 seats.

As per  C-VOTER, Congress will win 137 seats, BJP will win 60 seats and other 2 seats. According India Today, BJP will get 63 seats, Congress will win 130 seats and other will get 6 seats.

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JAAN KI BAAT, BJP will win 93 seats, Congress will win 91 seats and other will et 15 seats. According to the News 24-Pace, Congress will get 115 seats , BJP will get 75 seats and other 9 seats.

According to the Times Now-CNX, Congress will get 105 seats, BJP will get 85 seats, Bahujan Samajh Party will get 2 seats and other 7 seats. As per NewsX Neta, 112 seats will get by Congress, BJP will get 80 seats and other 7 seats.


Exit Poll Rajasthan 2018

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, the party is confident of victory of Rajasthan. Recalled PM Narendra Modi had said that the results in Rajasthan this time will change the usual tradition of any party not the retaining the state in any Assembly elections.

Source BJP Congress Other BSP
Times Now-CNX 85 105 7 2
NEASX NETA 80 112 7 0
C VOTER 60 137 2 0
India Today- Axis My India 63 130 6 0
Jan Ki Baat 93 91 15 0
NEWS 24-PACE 75 115 9 0
ZEE Maha Exit Poll 80 109 0 0

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