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Reebok Zig Kinetica Review: When Inspiration From The Past Makes it All Worthwhile



Reebok Zig Kinetica Review: When Inspiration From The Past Makes it All Worthwhile

The 2020 avatar of the ZigTech is a lot different from what it was in its previous guise, all those years ago. But then it has to be.

Absolutely not surprising, considering the tech and the advancements that would have gone into making this tech better, over the years.

This running shoe is priced at Rs 11,999 and for what it brings to your daily activity routine, it is a steal deal. Even more so, if you have had a brush with the ZigTech in the past.

The upper is made of breathable mesh, something that is in line with pretty much all fitness focused footwear.

Some use a more elaborate knit, while some use mesh—but with the focus being on allowing enough ventilation to keep the feet cool, even after an extended running or activity session.

Reebok has done well on that front with the Zig Kinetica, because even though we are just about heading into the summer in north India, this mesh keeps the air flow consistent which keeps the feet fresh.

News18 reported, In the more humid times, runners would appreciate what Reebok have done with the upper. To be honest, when I first checked out this mesh upper, I was a bit apprehensive about what feels like a thicker than usual construction and its ability to send the heat out and the cool air in, but it does well on that front.

This mesh upper also has a rather cool embedded design, which adds to the visual flair. The lacing eyelets have enough cushioning on the underside, and they don’t press on the foot even if you prefer tighter lacing.

There are strategic placements of reinforcements, particularly around the heel extending halfway forward on the side—that is where the Reebok logo sits, dressed in Sunbaked Orange.

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The blast from the past now done, it was time to get to the business end of the Reebok Zig Kinetica review. Slip the foot in, and you’ll immediately appreciate the nice cushioning all around. There are no hard materials or seams that scrape against the foot, and it all feels nice and comfy.

And consistent. All those thoughtful reinforcements play a big role now in keeping the foot nicely locked in, without really feeling cramped or hemmed in.

Beneath your feet sit three very important elements of the mid-sole and outsole. These are Reebok’s Floatride Fuel midsole cushioning, a Zig Energy Shell, and a stretchable Zig Energy Band outsole.

The very foundations for the Reebok Zig Kinetica are solid, with the Floatride Fuel which we have seen in Reebok shoes over the past year and a bit more.

Source: News18

Via: News18

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