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School Girl Tries to poison mid-day meal Avenge brother’s death in Gorakhpur



School Girl Tries to poison mid-day meal Avenge brother’s death in Gorakhpur

The Police in Deoria district have booked a class 7 girl after her school accused her of trying to poison the mid-day meal to take revenge of he brother’s murder Allegedly by a fellow student. The school in Baulia village under Bankata police station alleged that she put a poisonous substance into the lentils being cooked there on Tuesday.


The Alleged poisoning attempt was detected before anybody ate that food. The police said tha, Villagers surrounded the school and beat the girl’s mother. Girl’s alleged motive was to kill all the students for her brother’s murder on April 2. Bankata SHO Devendra Singh Yadav said, case under the IPC section 328 , causing hurt by means of poison, has been registered against the girl.


The head chef told the management that he suspected the class 7 students may have mixed poison in the food which was being prepared by him to be served as mid-day meal. As per the report of Time of India, her younger brother passed away in school after a dispute with another student who studied in class 5. The students allegedly hit her brother with a brick after which he succumbed to injuries.



R C Pandey the district office for food safety said that A sample of the cooked pulse has been sent for testing and it will take at least three or four days to get the report.

According to the cook Radhika, the girl going into the kitchen as she served rice to the children around 10:30 AM.


The cook followed the girl and found that her hands smelled , she also saw a white layer coating in “Daal”.
With the help of another cook, she locked up the girl in the kitchen and informed school principal Bhrigunath Prasad.

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