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Supreme Court Judgement on Aadhaar Card: all you need to know



Supreme Court Judgement on Aadhaar Card: all you need to know

Supreme Court declared the centre’s flagship Aadhaar Card scheme as constitutionally valid but there is no need to be made compulsory for School admission CBSE, NEET and UGC Exams on Sep 26. though the SC made few changes in the Act , its is upheld the overall system.

Supreme Court has been declared that is does not need to be linked to your bank account or your phone number and any order to the contrary iis unconstitutional.

Compendium of Regulations of the Unique Identification Authority if India talks about that, “Aadhar number holder may, at any time, revoke  given to KUA for storing his e-KYC data or for sharing it with third parties and upon revocation , the KUA shall delete the e-KYC data and cease any further sharing”

Aadhaar Linking Mandatory in PAN card, ITR Filling and Welfarer Schemes.

Aadhaar Card Linking is not mandatory for Mobile connection, bank Account, School admission, Digital Wallets and Examination conducted by CBSE, UGC, NET

Supreme Court”s Verdict on Aadhaar Card:

Not violates in Aadhaar Act the right to privacy of an individual
Aadhaar remove duplicaty chances
Other documents furnished to get Aadhaar are also valid documents of identity
Aadhaar Enrollment is fool proof
it empowers the marginalised of the society
Govt should not provide Aadhaar to illegal immigrants

Here you need to know

1-Aadhar must be linked with PAN and ITR
2-Aadhaar is not necessary for school admission
3- mandatory for welfare scheme
4-it can not be disclosed in the name of national security
5- Not mandatory for opening bank account
6- individual can also file case under the Aadhaar Act
7- you don’t need to provide Aadhaar for mobile connection
8- not required for for examination like CBSE, UGC and NEET
9- not mandatory for Mobile Wallets
10- Children can not be denied benefit for the lack of Aadhaar Card


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If you want de link you account from , they are legally obliged to follow the procedure and finish the process. so here are the basics steps you need to follow

First call to your bank or service provider’s customer care number and let them know you want to de -link your Aadhaar

you will asked to formally declared the same in an email. if they don’t readily offer the correct email address to sent it to make it a point to ask.

You will wait for a reply the company’s question, where they ask you to upload a soft copy of your Aadhaar card. you should have a scan ready to speed this along

within 72 hours , your account should be de-linked. on the off chance it is not, do not hesitate to call and escalate.

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