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Supreme Court (SC) allows married woman to Stay with Parents



Supreme Court (SC) allows married woman to Stay with Parents

An unusual love story , in which a Muslim man converted to Hinduism to marry a Hindu woman, came unstuck with the woman telling the Supreme court on Monday that though she had indeed married of her own will, she now preferred to stat with her parents.

Supreme Court (SC) allowed the wife’s plea that she be allowed to stay with her parents even though she had married her husband out of her own free will on Monday.

33 year old Muslim man converted to Hinduism and assumed the name Aryan Arya to marry a 23 year old Hindu “”Jain woman in Raipur.

He knocked the SC’s doors on August 17 with a habeas corpus petition alleging the woman;s parents and a Hindi group were forcibly separating them

The Woman, Anjali Jain, was produced before a bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices AM Khanwilker and DY Chandrachud, said that she id not wish to live with her husband and would like to stay with her parents.

The high court order came on a habeas corpus petition by sidhiqui.


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Arya Challenge that order in the Supreme Court, which asked her several question including, What is your name, Did you marriage actually take place and why do not wan to live with you husband.

The Woman Anjali, answered to the question and told that, she was a major, she has not been coerced by anyone and though she married Mohd Ibrahim Siddhiqui alia Aryan Arya, she wanted to live with her parents voluntarily.

The court has accept her request but said it would not get into the legality and validity of marriage, as it would be dealt the competent courts.

(Inputs from India Today)

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