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US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones Suspened by Facebook for hate speech



US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones Suspened by Facebook for hate speech

US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been suspended from facebook for bullying and hate speech and close to having pages tied to him and his Infowars website removed from the platform, The social media network said on Friday.


the Radio host’s personal profile was banned for 30 days after it was found to have uploaded four video published pn pages maintained by Jones and infowars that went against community standard , Facebook said.


The video have been removed and Infowars and Jones’ page are close to being unpublishing given recent community standard violations, Facebook said in s statement.

Content¬† removal count as strike against individual pages. pages maintained by Jones and Infowars remained active because they have not crossed “a certain threshold of strike” necessary for them to be unpublished , Facebook said.


Youtube removed four Alex Jones video earlier week and said Jones Infowars website faced permanent removal if his content was given 3 community trikes within 90 days.


He is gained notoriety by insisting that the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001, were on inside job, by the US Govt. since then , he had questioned whether the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary was a hoax,

promoted the so called Pizzagate conspiracy theory which implicated Hillary Clinton’s election campaign in a factitious child sex ring centred on pizz restaurant , and said flouridated water was part of the government mind control plot.


Infowars did not respond to a request for comment, Jones has defended the video on Twitter as being critical of liberalism.


The Facebook supension means Jones can not post on his personal profile or his pages and can not message , comment or post anywhere else on Facebook. other people are notified that he is banned , facebook Said.


This month, at a press event in New York about Facebook’s efforts to combat misinformation and false news, a reported from CNN questioned company executive about why Infowars was still allowed to have a Facebook account. At the time, the company appeared unwilling to say Jones content violated its policies

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