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Actor Slams Virat Kohli, World’s Worst Behaved player



Actor Slams Virat Kohli, World's Worst Behaved player

Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah said about for his on-field behavior in the ongoing second Test. While praising the Indian captain world’s best batsman, Shah mentioned the world’s worst behaved player.

recently, Virat Kohli was trolled for a video where the Indian skipper asked a fan to leave India. The comment was made during a promotional video.  Where Virat bashes the fan who said that he like English and Australian batsman more than current Indian Players.

Virat Kohli was slammed for his comment, late to join the bandwagon is actor Nasurudding Shah, who took to social media commenting on the cricketer’s behavior.

Kohli and his Australian Tim Paine could mot help but have a bit if chat in the middle as both teams fought it out in the first session on Day 4.

Kohli was seemed frustrated with the fifth wicket partnership between Tim Paine and Usman Khawaja.

in 71st over, Pain took a single to come towards the non-stricker’s end. When Kohli came charging towards but stopped just in time.

Match Umpire Chris Gaffney was not impressed with how the two were behaving in the middle. And was heard saying something on the lines of That’s enough, That’s enough. Come on, Play the game. you guys are the captains, on the stump microphone.

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Virat K is not only the worlds best batsman but also the worlds worst behaved player. His cricketing brilliance place beside hi arrogance and bad manners… Ans I have not intention of leaving the country by the way.

Most of people slammed Shah for calling Kohli the Worst behaved player. Other defended Kohli stating that to beat the Australians , this kind of aggression is needed. However many also agreed with Shah in criticizing the cricketers.

Sanjay Manjeker said at lunch break, Virat is such a champion player that we kind of accept everything he does on the pitch. Had Virat Kohli not been the champion he is. Some of his antics on the fields would have created quite a stir.

Michael Clarke too Agreed with Manjerkar, I mean yes you can feel he is doing a lot but that is just part of him. You see that same aggression while he is batting. And I mean we all want him to keep scoring so you can not just ask him to cut that aggression.

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