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5 Pacers & 5 All-Rounders who could make a huge impact on this Cricket World Cup 2019



5 Pacers & 5 All-Rounders who could make a huge impact on this Cricket World Cup 2019


IN 2019 World Cup, is expected to some high scoring games given the flat nature of the pitches in England and Wales. As per the ongoing England and Pakistan ODI series, PAK become first team to score three consecutive scored of 340 plus totals in three consecutive matches and England have chase & won the successfully on all three matches.

There are prediction that with the bat overpowering the ball, teams will have an opportunity to even put score more than 400 runs.

here’s look at top 5 pacers & 5 All-rounders who can be very crucial on this 2019 Cricket World Cup.

Jasprit Bumrah, India

Jasprit Bumrah will be the mainstay of India’s bowling attack at the 2019 World Cup. Bumrah has picked 185 wickets in total in all three formats of the games. He is ability to high arm action, combined with pace, swing, and variations of length have been a discomfort for batsman.

Kagiso Rababa, South Africa

23 years old exhibit his phenomenal form during IPL 2019, taken 25 wickets in 12 matches for Delhi Capitals. Rabada has maintain an ice cool demeanor in pressure situations and has the ability to pick wickets at any stage of match.

Mitchell Starc, Australia

Starc at times proved to be a unplayable in the previous world cup 2015 and picked 22 wickets. He troubled with injuries in last some years, it will be interesting to see if Mitchell Starc could emulate the form.

Trent Boult, New Zealand

He is left handed swing bowlers, he has ability to change the game. He picked 147 wickets in just 79 matches. Trent Boult

Oshane Thomas, West Indies

Oshane Thomas has become a sensation with his ability to deliver the ball over 150 kmph. He has mantained a rich profile to brag off. He has also played in IPL 2019 for Rajasthan Royal and picked 4 wickets in 5 matches.

Here are the 5 all-rounders who would definitely make impact in the World Cup 2019

5 Pacers & 5 All-Rounders who could make a huge impact on this Cricket World Cup 2019

Andre Russell, West Indies

31 year old seems to have got a second wind since returning from a doping ban imposed on him Jan 2017. In IPL 2019, He looked like somthing straight out of the video game.

Marcus Stoinis, Australia

29 year old has been through the worst and the best of what has been a roller coaster couple of years for the Australian team. VIrat Kohli termed Stoinins as the biggest threat prior to Australia’s limited Overs.

Ben Stokes, England

Stokes is known for this explosive nature as a batsman and a dangerous bowler. He never shied away from getting into confrontation with opposition.

Hardik Pandya, India

Hardik Pandya‘s importance in the India team was underlined by the fact that. They had to constantly tinker with team combination while 25 years old embroiled in a controversy over his comments in Popular TV shows.

Shakib al Hasan, Bangladesh

He has already made his name as the greatest player his country has ever produced but Shakib’s participation in the World cup. He looked suspicious when retired hurt during ODI game against Ireland last week.

Sources- India Times

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