Asia Cup 2023: Haris Rauf’s Thunderbolt Dismisses Hridoy – ‘रफ्तार का सौदागर’ बना मुसीबत



Haris Rauf’s Thunderbolt Dismisses Hridoy: In an exciting match during the Asia Cup 2023, Haris Rauf delivered an act of pure brilliance that shocked the cricketing world. When facing up against the tough Bangladeshi team, Rauf showed all of his exceptional fast bowling skills in a single amazing delivery that shocked the crowd.

Rauf fired a thunderbolt that showed up almost supernatural at a remarkable 145 kilometers per hour on the speed gun. Not only was his delivery quick, it also demonstrated the incredible power and accuracy that only the best fast bowlers had.

बांग्लादेश के कप्तान शाकिब अल हसन ने टॉस जीता और पहले बल्लेबाजी करने का फैसला किया. पाकिस्तान के पेसर्स ने टीम के टॉप ऑर्डर को पूरी तरह से ध्वस्त कर दिया. जिसमें हारिस रऊफ का बेहद अहम रोल रहा 4 बल्लेबाज 20 के पार स्कोर भी नहीं खड़ा कर सके. लेकिन इसके बाद बल्लेबाजी करने आए शाकिब अल हसन और मुशफिकर रहीम ने टीम को संभाला.

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दोनों बल्लेबाजों के अर्धशतक की बदौलत टीम ने पाकिस्तान के सामने 194 रन का लक्ष्य रख दिया. शाकिब ने 57 गेंदो में 7 चौकों की मदद से 53 रन की बहुमूल्य पारी खेली. उन्होंने 87 गेंदो में 5 चौकों की मदद से 64 रन क मददगार पारी को अंजाम दिया.

Towhid Hridoy, a young Bangladeshi batsman who had been in excellent form throughout the tournament, was the player of this amazing ball.

There was a certainty that something outstanding was going to occur when the ball left Rauf’s hands. The excitement in the stadium was evident as fans from opposing teams held their breath in anticipation of what was to come.

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Brilliant and young batsman Towhid Hridoy prepared himself at the crease, aware that he would need to use every ounce of his potential to counteract Rauf’s furious pace.

As the ball hurtled towards the batsman, it deviated ever so slightly off the pitch, leaving Hridoy in a state of shock. The sheer speed of the delivery, combined with a hint of movement, made it virtually impossible for him to react in time.

Hridoy was helpless in the face of this cricketing thunderstorm, as if Rauf had cast a cricketing spell. The expressing confirmation of Rauf’s unmatched bowling talent came from the sound of the ball smashing against the stumps, which bounced around the stadium.

Hridoy’s wicket collapsed and the bails flew out as he walked back to the pavilion. The audience sent out a loud, unison cry of shock and admiration at what they had just seen.

In addition to taking out a batsman, Rauf’s 145 kph thunderbolt also permanently changed the course of the game and the history of cricket.

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It was a moment that cut through boundaries and brought together cricket fans from all around the world in their awe at the beauty of fast bowling. Rauf’s reputation as a strong fast bowler was further cemented following this stunning delivery.

He had demonstrated not just his amazing speed but also his capacity to outsmart and beat the finest players in the world.

टी20 वर्ल्ड कप 2022 में हारिस रऊफ काफी चर्चा में बने थे. जिसकी वजह थे विराट कोहली के 2 छक्के, जिनकी बदौलत उन्होंने पाकिस्तान के हाथ से जीत छीन ली थी.

हारिस रऊफ ने साफ किया है कि उनका सपना विराट कोहली का विकेट लेना है. पाकिस्तान के खिलाफ पहले मैच में वे विराट कोहली को अपना शिकार नहीं बना सके. लेकिन अब उनकी नजरें 10 सितंबर को भारत-पाक क्लैश पर टिक चुकी हैं. अब देखना दिलचस्प होगा कि एशिया कप में वे अपना ये सपना पूरा करने में कामयाब हो पाते हैं या नहीं.

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