Virat Kohli Explains Importance of 18 Number Jersey



Virat Kohli Explains Importance of 18 Number Jersey: Ahead of the clash between SRH and RCB, Kohli explained the importance of number 18 in his life.

His jersey number, 18, is one of the prime parameters of his association with his ardent followers.

Virat Kohli revealed that initially 18 was just a number which was given to him, but over the years, the number has developed a cosmic connection with his life.

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“To be honest, 18 started off as being just a number that was given to me when I first opened that India U-19 jersey with my name and number on the back. But it ended up becoming a very very important number in my life. I made my India debut on August 18. My father also died on December 18, 2006. Two of the most significant moments of my life happened to be on 18th. Even though i got the number before that, there seems to be a cosmic connection with this date,” Kohli said in a video uploaded by Star Sports.

Kohli added that feels “blessed” to see fans donning jerseys with his name and number on their backs.

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“I still find it surreal when we go to games and i see people wearing my jersey number and name. I find it surreal because as a kid, i wanted to wear the jersey of my heroes. You just feel grateful and this is just a great opportunity god has given and you just feel blessed,” he added.

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