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World Cup 2019: Sunder Pichai predicts Cricket World Cup 2019 finalists



World Cup 2019: Sunder Pichai predicts Cricket World Cup 2019 finalists


Google’s Indian American CEO Sunder Pichai has predicted that India and England would clash in the finals of ICC World Cup 2019. He said that he was rooting for the men in blue to emerge victorious. 46 year old expressed his support for India’s side; a sign still believing in his roots.

ICC Cricket World cup final match should be between India and India. However, You know, Australia and New Zealand, these are all very good teams. Sunder Pichai said that Washington audience that included US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and top corporate executives from India.

Sunder Pichai also talked about baseball, It was challenging and hard for him. He said, When I first came here, I tried to kind of adapt to baseball.

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In my first game, I was proud because I hit the ball on the back. Its really good shot in cricket. I was like, well look, what I did. However People did not appreciate it.

In Cricket when you run, you always take your bat with you. So I also ran between base with my bat as well. So eventually, I realized baseball was a bit difficult. I can adjust on many things, but I am going to stick to cricket.

There is a cricket World Cup going on. Its wonderful tournament…rooting for India to do well. but there is lot at stake here, Pichai added.

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