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Former Indian Cricketer Sourabh Ganguly says: Instgram account is fake using his name



Former Indian Cricketer Sourabh Ganguly says

Former Indian Cricketer Sourabh Ganguly claimed that the Instagram post on which he was seen slamming the Indian batting unit was actually done from a fake account which has since been removed from the social media network .


Ganguly tweeted to exposed that fake account and that quotes in the post are not his. .he also urged media houses “not to pick up any news or quotes” from a particular post.


There is an account on Instagram with her user name @sganguly99 that posts things related to the former Indian captain. Account has 55.3k followers and described that page as “Ex- Captain:Indian Cricket Team/President: CAB/Co-Owner : TK / Author: juggernaut Books”

In the post , Ganguly has urged Indian batsman Muruli Vijay and Ajinkya Rahane to bat with more determination and advised skipper Virat Kohli to not chop and change the playing XI after defeat in the First test.

“I don’t think the captain is responsible for the loss the match, you will be criticized for a loss the same way as you are congratulation for a win”

“one criticism for Virat Kohli is that he should give a consistent run to his batters and more time before dropping them. The failure swing in English conditions can not be used as an excuse any more as everyone knows that it’s what you get when you come to England.”

The captain should give confidence to this players , it is his team and only he can change their mindset. He will have to sit with them and tell them that if he can do it so can they. He should give them time and tell them to go out & play without any fear.

The second test will be played at Lord’s cricket ground from August 9, 2018.


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