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10 mistake you should never do while choosing a password



10 mistake you should never do while choosing a password

Password secure all digital services are it email, social media, banking, e-commerce apps and others.

Device are primarily secured by them while secondary methods of authentication like biometric and two-factor have developed.

Avoid the same Password: Alwayz avoids the same password while setting up a new account. It is because hackers can always manage to get a list of expired passwords from the darknet.

Don’t Store Password: A new password doesn’t store it as a simple text document as a draft in your email or anywhere online.

Don’t Allow to remember Password: You must avoid saving or allowing the browser to remember password. This makes all your password vulnerable in case you visit any malicious website.

Do not avoid Two-factor Authentications: Two-factor authentication offers an extra layer of security and makes it harder for hackers.

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Do not Use Password important dates: Always avoid using any important dates as passwords or pins as these can be easily guessed.

Avoid any name as a password: Avoid using names of cars, planes, famous people, friends, etc as passwords. Names can again be possible to guess and is one of the most common mistakes.

Do not use a phone number as a password: Using phone numbers as passwords is the most common mistake people usually make.

Not Changing password: If you don’t change passwords occasionally then it makes you vulnerable to hacks.

Source: 10 things you should never do while choosing a password

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