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120 million Account affected, Private message of 81,000 Facebook user hacked



120 million Account affected, Private message of 81,000 Facebook user hacked

Russian hackers claim to have successfully stolen the profile of up to 120 million account users. The group have published the details of 257,000 of them in order advertisement the sale of the full database.

Hackers have gained access to private message of nearly 120 million Facebook accounts. And already published such messaged from 81,000 accounts for generating money.

BBC Reported, Several users who details have been compromised were based in Ukrian. Russia but some were also from UK, US, Brazil and elsewhere.

The hackers offered to sell access for 10 Cent per account. However , their advert has since been taken offline.


The breach was first discovered in Sept and the messages were reportedly obtained through unnamed browser extensions.

Facebook respond and says that its security intact and that hackers probably used malicious browser extensions to access the message. The company had taken preventive steps to prevent other account from being hacked.


Rosen had said That Facebook fixed the vulnerability and reset the access tokens for a total of 90 million accounts– 50 million that had access tokens stolen and 40 million that were subject to a view as lookup in 2017.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission , which is Facebook’s lead privacy regulator in Europe, has opened a formal investigation into this data breach that could result in a fine $1.63 billion.

The latest hack involves the use of browser extension. It is always best to check which source an extension is coming from and which permissions it is being granted access to , According to The Digital Trends.


Facebook denies that its security had been compromised , instead the blame seems to fall on the use of malicious browser extensions. it further states that steps have been taken to prevent any further accounts from being compromised.

These steps include contacting browser vendors so that the malicious extensions, as yet unnamed , could be removed from their respective download stores.

Law inforcement has also been informed, and the website that hosted the stolen message advert taken down.

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