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5 Simple Steps to Win the Matches in PUBG Mobile



5 Simple Steps to Win the Matches in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular multiplayer games for smartphone and tablets. It is available for both Android and iOS Platform earlier this year.

PUBG Mobile has even gotten its own e-sports championship, drawing million to its ever growing community across the world.

BUBG is a free to play game, Rookies often bump into experienced players who spend a lot on it game purchase to with enhanced and accessories.

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PUBG Mobile: 5 Simple Steps to Win the Matches

1- PUBG Developer have designed a superb audio experience with Stereo effects. So this will alert you every time, approaching enemy and get ready for the ambush.

2- You need to ensure while walk abreast across open battlefields, Its is clever to stay out of sight from snipers looking to hunt you down from miles away. taking cover behind rocks, trees, buildings and abandoned vehicle to make your movement carefully as a substantial one will reduce your camouflage.

3- Player will always ab=void bright coloured cloths and opt for cloths with darker shades. then dark cloths are very difficult to spot for sniper and other players over long distance. Should cover skin as much as possible too reduce your chance of getting seen.

4- Grab weapons as fast as possible and stay away from the initial rush of trying to kill as many players as they can. Stay unnoticed until the better players take out the less experienced ones and device a strategy to kill them

5- Select your weapons carefully, PUBG offers rifles in abundance, Try to get machine gun as soon as possible. Weapons such as UMP9, UZI, AKM, Tommy Gun and even pistol can shoot bullets faster and have shorter reloading times.

Do remember that an online multiplayer game like PUBG MOBILE demands a strong presence of mind. And better strategies to play every single match and claim the “Chicken Dinner”, Reported by Indian Today.

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