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Android collecting 10 times more data than iOS: Claims Study



Android collecting 10 times more data than iOS: Claims Study

Android collecting 10 times more data than iOS: Claims StudySoon after the reports emerged about who Google contitue to minitor a user’s location even if the location services has been turned off, a new study has been claimed that the search giant also reports to passive methods of data collection whis are often overlooked.

A Study by Vanderbilt University claims that Android smartphones are collecting almost 10 times more data than Appple iOs.

In a study , the researched have looked at the less obvious ways for Google to collect data where the user may not be aware of sharing the information.

Such method include the use of platfomr such as Android and Chrome, Apps Such as Search, YouTube Maps and Published tools like Google analytics adn AdSense,

the 55 page study says an idle smartphone running Google’s Android operating system with its Chrme browser open send data communication to Google’s servers as of tne as 14 times an hour.

An equivelent experiment found that iOS device with Safari open but Not Chrome Google could not collect any appreciable data unless a user was interacting with the device.

According to the study , the anonymous DoubleClick ID can be associated with the user directly when the user sign into the Google using the same browser. While Google may claim that a lot of this information anonymous.

Schmidt said that , Google distinctively possesses the ability to utilize data collected from other sources to de-anonymize such as collection.

According to the Mashbale , Google has disputed the study by saying that it contains wildly misleading information. However , what is startling from the study is that both Android and Chrome were found sharing data with Google even through a stationary Android phone.

As the researcher found that the idle Android phone with Chrome active in the background sent location information to Google 340 times during 24 hour period. this rate is higher when compare with iOS.

Recently Google also come under immense scrutiny when it was discovered that the user’s location information was stored in the My Activity section even when location history setting is turned off.

Apple says that, Data it collects from the iPhone is used for improving its own service like Siri, and is not used to deliver ads natively on the platform.

when users set up their device, Apple explicitly asks users if they wish to provide usage information on an opt-in basis.

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