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Android new Features: Here’s 5 things you can do with Android Phones



Android new Features: Here's 5 things you can do with Android Phones

Android official took to Twitter to make an announcement about new services added to Android users.

The new announcement promises improvements in your personal life, time-saving during emergencies, and better scheduling.

Here’s Android new Features

Bedtime tools: Google introduces the Bedtime mode which is a bunch of bedtime tools that will help you disconnect from the digital world and sleep well in the physical world.

Earthquake alerts: Google introduces Earthquake Alerts System by bringing in the world’s largest earthquake detection network.
All you need is an Android version 5 or above to get this latest service and save yourself some time during an earthquake.

Android Emergency Location Service: During an emergency, calling the emergency lines and briefing about your terrifying conditions is the last you have got the time for. The requirements to enjoy the ELS feature is Android 4.1 or above and Google Play Services installed on your device.

Android Auto Updates: you can schedule every bit of your day which will later act as a reminder about your routine. You can upload this schedule on a car to be less distracted by a mobile, as the car controls fulfill the purpose.

Lookout: The prime motive of this app is to “lookout” for people who are visually impaired or have trouble reading under certain circumstances, like low lighting.

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