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Android Q May bring System wide Dark Mode: Reports



Android Q May bring System wide Dark Mode: Reports

Android Q May be getting a system wide dark mode, if a post by Google in the Chromium bug tracker is to be believed. Google wants to introduce the dark mode in Android Q, Which is the next major release of the Android OS.

According to the Googler, The Dark Mode is an approved Android Q feature. He also added that the Android Q team wants to ensure that all preloaded apps support dark mode natively. Company has been introducing Dark mode across its services for Nov Lats year. It finally acknowledged that the mode helps conserve Battery on smartphone with OLED panels.

Company is now working to embrace a system wide Dark Mode and will reportedly introduce it in Android Q Operating System.

Reports says, There are several links to internal Google documents that can not be accessed. However all show that Dark Mode is a serious undertaking at Android Q.

A mentioned of modifying content loaded in Chrome is not part of the project. Google Chrome does not have dark mode but has dark theme. Google is working on Dark mode in Chrome for Windows 10 and MacOS Mojave as well.

Company has also silently adding dark mode support on various default apps in Android the past year. It was being hoped that Android 9 Pie will bring the feature, But that did not happen, NDTV Reported.

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Bug Tracker post seems to add credibility to the belied that Android Q will finally be the Android version that brings dark mode to the operating system.

Google has already rolled out a Dark mode to Android Messages, Google News and YouTube for Android. When YouTube initially announced Dark Mode for mobile devices. It also introduced a new feature that filled black strips on the sides of a video that is being played horizontally.

For vertical video, the black strips are changed to white in color and that standard 16:9 video use up some of the screen’s extra space to enhance the video size without impacting its quality, Digit Reported.

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